Blue Advisory Group is a business partner working with Senior Executives in the industries of Information and Communications Technology, Transportation & Heavy Trucks, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Private Equity owned companies.

We take the “outside in approach” and always start with the view of our client´s customers and their demand for competitive offerings. Then we work along with our clients to improve their part of the industry value chain with the aim to improve turnover and profitability.

Our team of Blue Advisors have been leading advisors for many years, working as executives, leading organizations in facing daily challenges, and with careers as strategy advisors in international organizations.

We support our clients through all stages to ensure development and successful implementation and sustainable results in their Income statement and Balance Sheet.

Many clients appreciate working together with peer advisors that have done the job as executives themselves. They bring solid functional and industry know-how and understands what needs to be done in order to create sustainable and significant results.

I sincerely hope you will find a good fit between your needs and our firm´s value proposition and ways of working with your needs. I welcome you to contact us to explore how we can help.

Kind Regards

Björn Gunnerholm
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Blue Advisory Group

Blue Advisory Group på Di´s seminarium om framtidens elmarknad & fossilfria transporter 

Framtidens elmarknad, Blue Advisory Group om fossilfria transporter Tillsammans med Dagens industri inbjuder vi till seminarium den 1 Juni 2017, i Bonnier Conference Centre. Klicka för information och anmälan

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